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Making the right picks to win the most amount of money can sometimes be tricky. What if there was a way to be right MOST of the time? Well now there is. Royalsportspicks.com is a professional sports advisory firm. Our team of professional sports betting consultants will help you profit on a regular basis. We advise thousands of clients every week and see our clients do very very well.



Get started on turning our picks into cash today! Royal Sports Picks has access to the best information and most reliable resources in the sports industry, and are committed to furnishing you with sports betting advice that will monetize itself on a daily basis. If you have any questions about our personalized sports advice betting service, please contact us at: winnow@royalsportspicks.com OR call 866-857-6353

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We are a group of data driven individuals passionate about sports.Our professional background is in financial advising, money management and portfolio management. We spent over 12 years working for top brokerage firms on Wall Street. This provided us with an ideal education in data analysis, risk and long/short-term investments. Our picks have yielded a much higher risk adjusted return than the stock market. Contact us and we’ll show you how we work to win.

Predictive Analytics:

We love numbers and analyzing data! It’s why we paired our love of numbers with our love of sports into this business. We utilize the same basis of predictive modeling as we use in the financial markets. Identifying key performance indicators such as historical performance of the teams, results of matches, and data on players then analyzing trends helps us reduce the instance of error when predicting the outcome of plays, or a full game.


Some people think that momentum goes from game-to-game. But players and coaches will tell you that’s not true and that momentum is restricted to individual games. In sports betting, you need to remember this. A team may have won five games straight but the next game is an individual event that is unrelated to the last. Don’t bet on momentum from the last game carrying a team to victory in the next.

Leadership & Ownership

When considering a team’s chances of winning, leadership and ownership must be taken into account. It’s ownership that hires management and controls the purse strings, both of which go a long way towards creating a contender. Leadership is also essential when it comes to winning. Look for teams that have both players and coaches who are team leaders. On the other hand, a great player who is a bad teammate can destroy a team and undercut the efficacy of coaches and positive team members.

Win/Loss Record & Team Match-ups

In looking at each of these very different aspects, all of which may seem unrelated, you should begin to realize that there’s more to consider than the game at hand, the match-ups and the win/loss record of each team. Winning is influenced by various factors and sometimes in sports betting what may appear to be unimportant is actually a major consideration.

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